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Realitea Therapy with Dr. Sarah

Creating Real Connections with Real Conversations 

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About Me

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I am a Mother, Widow, and Survivor of Grief and Trauma. My life experiences in healing led me to become a Licensed and National Board-Certified Mental Health Therapist with a specialization in Grief, Stress, and Trauma Care. I am a Harvard Medical School Coaching Affiliate with the McLean Institute.

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New TV Media/Podcast Show

Realitea Therapy with Dr. Sarah

Real Connections Real Conversations


Dr. Sarah is a Licensed Therapist, Coach, and Speaker. In the TV/Podcast she seeks guests that are Survivors, Authors, Mental Health Professionals, Coaches, and Executives that seek to Heal, Educate, and Inspire others!

Let's Connect 

Success Stories

"Dr. Sarah Williams is a dynamic mother, therapist, counselor, speaker, grief and trauma specialist who lifts the lives of women. I'm especially grateful for the appearances she has made on my Harmonize Your Life: Conversations on Self-Care for Women of Color Podcast, sharing her own grief journey and professional expertise. I'm honored to call Dr. Sarah a sister and friend."

Dr. Antoinette Griffin Alvarado,

Harmonize Your Life Podcast

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